One App, Multiple Programs, Unlimited Potential

About 50% of healthcare costs are caused by our own behaviors with smoking, weight, and stress being the major culprits. 2Morrow Health is a digital health platform that addresses key chronic disease drivers and conditions. Offer just 1 program (such as smoking only) or all of our programs.


What makes 2Morrow Health different?

2Morrow Health addresses unhealthy behaviors in a whole new way. By using an innovative approach called acceptance & commitment therapy, or ACT, the program helps users become aware of unhelpful thoughts and patterns so they can move forward with committed action toward their goals.

Clinically-tested, behavior change platform.

Our behavior change platform powers all of 2Morrow's programs. Two clinical trials have been published on our ACT-based change programs* and we have additional clinical trials in progress addressing weight, smoking/NRT, and chronic pain.  This approach is based on work done and licensed from Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center, and content is created with/reviewed by respected researchers, doctors, and experts in their area of expertise.


Designed for Organizations 

Help your population create lasting behavior change: Wellness programs, employers, health plans, and healthcare providers.

  • Reporting and Insights for organizations

  • Easy to use apps for participants

Why 2Morrow?

  • Outcomes - Clinically-Tested Platform/Approach that results in change, ongoing research

  • ACT - Acceptance and Commitment Therapy approach. Non-judgmental, mindful, helpful

  • Reach - Smartphone based programs are preferred by 83% vs. telephone coaching

  • Affordable - Save 60% or more over traditional programs

  • Data & Dashboard - Engagement data! and Insights, ACA - reasonable alternative standard, (HIPAA)

  • Coach Support - Users can message a coach from inside the app (or we can link to your coaches)



Our clinically tested program teaches you new ways to deal with the urge to smoke. Our predecessor smoking cessation app is now part of our 2Morrow Health platform. We've freshened it up and added a few more tools to better support quitters. Just need a cessation program? No problem, you can choose which programs you want.



This program is specifically designed for teens and young adults who are ready to quit vaping. It provides a personalized, non-judgmental and private experience where you will learn new ways to deal with unhelpful thoughts, urges and cravings and put them to practice. For additional support, you will also receive text-based messaging along the way.



A new way of thinking about values, thoughts, and actions that affect your body. Most people say they already know what to do (eat right and exercise) they just don't do it. This program is focused on what is going on in your head. Using proven techniques, it will help you act in alignment with your values and goals.



Discover new ways to identify and deal with stressful triggers so you can more fully live your life.

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Chronic Pain

This program addresses an important aspect of pain treatment that is often missed: keeping your life on track as you live with chronic pain. In restoring meaningful activity, no matter how small, this program empowers people to take those first steps toward a more balanced life.


The ACT approach behind our programs

Learn more about the ACT approach behind our programs from Dr. Jonathan Bricker from Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center. He is the scientist and researcher who first created our smoking cessation program and did the clinical trials. He also works on other unhealthy behaviors. This is a great talk!