Behavioral Science Meets Digital Health

Expanded Reach, Better Data, Validated Outcomes, Lower Costs

2Morrow is a Seattle area award winning digital health company that offers a suite of research-based programs powered by our Behavior Change Engine. From our clinically-tested smoking cessation program to our versatile multi-program, the 2Morrow Health app, 2Morrow is leading the way in mobilizing behavior change. 

Our programs were created in collaboration with, and based on research by Dr Jonathan Bricker from Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center. It is being used by employers, wellness programs, states, & health plans to help their populations reach their health goals.


2Morrow’s SmartQuit, a smartphone, app-based, smoking-cessation therapy has demonstrated effectiveness in randomized clinical trials and is two to three times more effective than unaided smoking cessation.
— Harvard Business Review