SmartQuit - Smoking Cessation Program

For Businesses & Organizations

If your organization wants to help smokers quit and/or needs to meet ACA guidelines for a Reasonable Alternative Standard when implementing a tobacco surcharge, SmartQuit can help!

Clinically Tested! SmartQuit has been shown to be effective in helping smokers quit in 2 clinical trials.

SmartQuit is a full smoking cessation program delivered completely over a smartphone. A secure reporting dashboard for you and a unique app-based program for your participants. This program uses an innovative and proven ACT (acceptance and commitment therapy) approach that teaches participants new ways to deal with their urges… a transferable skill that helps improve many areas of their lives.

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SmartQuit - How it works

Dr. Jonathan Bricker's - TED Talk

ACA Compliance for Employers - Charging a tobacco surcharge or premium? You need a "Reasonable Alternative Standard" for smokers or tobacco users!  SmartQuit offers an evidence-based program with validated enrollment and completion data.  Reporting, security, privacy and HIPAA are important considerations and included in the SmartQuit platform.  

NRT Option:  Add a 2-Week Starter Pack of NicoDerm CQ to your SmartQuit Program. With this option, your participants will receive nicotine patches shipped directly to their home as part of the program. Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) has been shown to help smokers deal with nicotine withdrawals. A combined program offers extra support for physical withdrawals while smokers learn new ways to deal with the urge to smoke... increasing their chances of success. Contact us to learn more.

Want to engage more smokers? 83% of smokers prefer an app based program over telephone coaching. (And using SmartQuit, you can save up to 75% over telephone coaching too!)

For your organization

  • Easy to set up,  launch & manage
  • Clinically proven to help smokers quit
  • Reporting Dashboard with validated activation and completion dates
  • ACA compatible 
  • HIPAA treatment of data
  • Launch Kit with templates
  • Desired mobile format (83% of smokers said they prefer mobile)

For the smoker

  • Easy, private sign up and activation
  • Customized quit plan
  • 8 required daily exercises or lessons
  • 30+ on-demand tips, exercises, and tools
  • Daily messages and reminders
  • On-device help and tracking
  • Message a live coach if needed
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Mobile!

Based on 2 Clinical Trials.  

Note:  Responder quit rates are 30%-50%

Wellness Programs:

It is fast and easy to incorporate SmartQuit into your full stack wellness program. SmartQuit can support your current program with tools and help between coaching sessions or function as a stand-alone program.  We even offer Master Accounts so you can manage sub-accounts for each client.

Employers:  Help employees quit. 

If your company is charging smokers more than nonsmokers for healthcare, you may need to offer smoking cessation services to meet the ACA rules. If you need an "Alternative Standard" or "Reasonable Alternative" for Smokers, the SmartQuit program can help.

  • "Alternative Standard" or "Reasonable Alternative" for Smokers
  • Real-Time reporting Dashboard 
  • SmartQuit records and reports program enrollment and completion

Brokers:  Need an affordable cessation program for your clients? We can help.

State / Government:  SmartQuit can complement your current quitline services and help stretch your budget. The mobile format can help reach smokers who are less likely to utilize telephone coaching. Contact us for more information or to submit an RFI. Example: See how Washington State DOH is using SmartQuit.

About SmartQuit

SmartQuit is a mobile version of Dr. Bricker's ACT-based smoking cessation program, which has received over $13M in National Institutes of Health funding for clinical trials. The SmartQuit study results were recently published in the Journal of Drug and Alcohol Dependence. This study followed 200 smokers and found that SmartQuit users were 60 percent more likely to quit than those using the control app from This equates to being two and a half to three times more effective than trying to quit on one's own; about the same effectiveness as standard nicotine replacement therapy, texting programs or telephone coaching reported in previous published studies.

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