Private Label Wellness & Productivity Apps

The goal: Healthy, Happy productive Employees.

Show your employees that you support their personal goals and efforts for healthier, happier, more productive lives. Meet employees where they are and focus on what they are willing to change.

Two options:

2Morrow Health - A clinically tested approach to behavior change! ACT based programs focused on specific behaviors ( weight, stress, smoking...) Offer our programs, have us customize programs for your needs or add your own programs to our platform.  NEW for 2017 - request info!

Healthy Habits - A private label version of our award winning program. Winner of the US Surgeon General Healthy App Challenge.

Over 40% of health care costs are related to our own bad behaviors: smoking, overeating, lack of exercise, overindulgence of any kind. Changing just one or two habits can start a change that lasts a lifetime. We focus on starting small and keeping it doable. 

Your brand is always in the hands of your clients, members, customers or employees.

Why start from scratch? Our private label apps are built on our award-winning Healthy Habits & My Pocket Coach programs and powered by our proven behavior change engine. The result of 5 years and hundreds of thousands of dollars in development, user testing and improvements. You get our system, but make it your own by adding your custom content, colors and logo.

  • Your app name (IOS & Android)

  • Your artwork, logo & colors

  • Custom habits or behaviors that fit your population

  • Admin site and dashboard

Winner of the US Surgeon General health App Challenge, with over 400,000 users, 2Morrow's habit formation programs can be customized to your needs or population. Making small changes in our habits can have a large long-term effect on health and productivity.  

Perfect for large organizations, brands and communities. The program can even be customized to fit your population (teens, diabetics, employees, those who need to lose weight, etc.) 

Cost: Private label versions available start at $5K setup plus a monthly SaaS fee that covers usage and maintenance. Contact us to learn more.

Other Options

CoBranded Wellness, Productivity – Don't need (or can't afford) your own app? Check out our My Pocket Coach Pro option. With this program you can add your logo and content to our popular My Pocket Coach app. Starts at $29 / month. 

SmartQuit - Smoking Cessation – Proven effective. Evidence-based. Help smokers quit privately with digital coaching. This can be added to your existing programs or function as a stand alone program.

Coming Soon! - Weight Management – A fresh way of thinking about weight management (Late 2015)