Thank you for your interest in the vaping program for teens and young adults.

If you live in Washington State, click here for access to the program.

If you live outside of Washington State, this program is not yet available in your area, but we will be expanding soon. If you would like to be notified when it is available, please fill out this short form.

Here are five tips to help you on your journey to quitting:

  1. During the next few days, become very aware of when you have an urge or craving to vape. Pay special attention to each urge, how it feels, and how you deal with it. Keep track of your thoughts.

  2. Once you have noticed your urges and how you deal with them, don’t fight them. If you can let them pass for five minutes, the urge should fade. This might seem strange, but by letting urges come and go on their own, you can move on to other things that are more important to you.

  3. When you are having urges to vape, imagine that those urges are leaves on a stream. Simply let the thoughts float past you and then let them go when they disappear around the bend.

  4. When you feel an urge, stop and breathe. Close your eyes and take a moment to yourself to notice your breath. Let the urge to vape pass.

  5. Sometimes we slip while we are trying to quit. It happens, and can be part of the journey. If you slip, think about what triggered the slip and create a plan for the next time you encounter that trigger.

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