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Virtual Primary Care Plus Mobile Health Pilot Shows Promising Engagement

2Morrow partners with 98point6 to evaluate the feasibility of offering physician referred digital health programs to patients.


Kirkland, WA (June 3, 2019) – 2Morrow, Inc., an evidence-based, digital health company and 98point6, an on-demand, text-based primary care service, have published the results of a collaborative pilot evaluating the feasibility of offering physician referred digital health programs (mHealth) to patients. The pilot looked at both patient enrollment and provider willingness to refer patients to the programs. 

In an increasingly digitally-empowered culture, consumer expectations have changed around convenience and immediate delivery of services - including medical care. Due to its prevalence and ongoing treatment challenges in the primary care setting, there is strong interest in resources that can address the behavioral aspects of chronic disease and condition management. 2Morrow’s programs incorporate Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) skills to help patients deal with urges, emotions, and thoughts that can interfere with healthy behaviors. 

During the pilot, 98point6 providers offered digital health programs via the 2Morrow Health app to patients who expressed concern about any of the following topics: tobacco addiction, chronic pain, stress/anxiety, and/or weight management. 2Morrow’s programs were recommended to a total of 28 patients, 16 of whom downloaded the app and used at least one of the programs. 

"We believe this is an important proof of principle. 98point6’s nationwide service that delivers personalized consultation, diagnosis and treatment combined with the expertise in ACT provided by 2Morrow, allowed us to offer our patients access to new therapies for common health concerns," said Dr. David McCune, Medical Director of Research and Outcomes at 98point6.

Other promising insights from the pilot include:

  • High rate of successful follow-through (57% download and activation), particularly in light of the fact that there were several extra steps during the pilot where a patient could abandon the process.

  • Compliance with the recommendation to use 2Morrow in this setting suggests that physician engagement in the process of using an mHealth app can play an important role.

  • Over one quarter of patients who downloaded the app used more than one module suggesting that a solution that can be used for multiple health concerns is useful in this setting. 

  • The stress and weight programs were the most utilized by patients, despite weight being the least referred program.

“2Morrow was thrilled to partner with 98point6 to explore integrating primary care and digital health programs,” said Jo Masterson, Chief Product Officer at 2Morrow. “Digital health is exploding in the consumer world, and it is encouraging to see that both healthcare providers and patients showed strong interest in behavioral focused mHealth delivered as part of their medical care. Moving forward, 2Morrow is working on tighter integrations with healthcare systems and outcome tracking to validate the usefulness of interventions for this population - results we have seen in both clinical trials and employer wellness markets.”

As more patients become accustomed to virtual healthcare options, there is a need for well-validated assessments of this trend. This project points toward both strong provider and patient interest as well as the need for research in the area of integrated digital health. 

For more information, read the entire pilot manuscript “Feasibility of Recommending mHealth Solutions to Patients Receiving Virtual Primary Care”in Telehealth and Medicine Today.


About 2Morrow, Inc: 2Morrow offers a clinically-tested, digital therapeutic platform that delivers  programs addressing health risk behaviors and chronic conditions including smoking, weight, stress and chronic pain. 2Morrow distributes programs through health plans, states, wellness platforms, employers, providers and other population health organizations. Learn more at