Healthy Habits

Change your habits, Change your life.

If you are ready to make positive changes, Healthy Habits has the program you need to create good habits or break bad ones. Healthy Habits is the award-winning program that helps people take action in their lives.

Reach your goals by creating the habits that support those goals. Healthy Habits is based on research and theory from BJ Fogg, Charles Duhigg, BF Skinner, and others who recognized the power of changing what we do when we are not thinking about what we do. By breaking our big goals down into small behaviors that we know we can change, we have the power to create lasting change. With Healthy Habits, you start small and build on progress and momentum for larger change in your life!


How it works

  1. Healthy Habits is friendly to the first time user. To get started, simply download the app and walk through the initial tutorial. Choose habits that support your goals from a library of over 100 preloaded habits or create your own. Track your progress and begin changing your life.
  2. As you become comfortable with the app, you can explore some of the more advanced features such as tracking stats, adding notes, exporting charts and graphs, and using filters that allow you to manage many habits at once.
  3. Depending on the behavior, it takes an average of 3 to 6 weeks to establish a new habit. Healthy Habits will remind you, track your progress, and congratulate you when you meet your goals.
  4. Change takes time and practice. The goal is persistence, not perfection.


  • iPhone 
  • A list of 100 pre-loaded healthy habits
  • Custom habits
  • See your results visually with our graphic representations and analytics
  • View your trends and history at a glance, including charts, milestones, and event logs
  • Statistics tracking, sharing & export
  • Earn badges for your progress
  • Option to share your habit progress with friends on Facebook / Twitter

For Business Use  

Your brand, our award winning platform. 2Morrow offers private label versions of our Healthy Habits program.  With this option, you will have your own app in the app store without the expense or hassle of creating and maintaining the app. Set up starts at $5K and there is a minimum monthly fee. To learn more contact us. 

Becoming healthier...

“This app is awesome! - Only one I’ve ever used that has actually helped me stay on track with my goals. Broken down into smaller daily/weekly habits they finally seem reasonable.”
— Cynthia J.

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