Support, Service Bulletins & Tips

Top Tips:

Having issues with your app?  We are here to help.

  1. Update:  Check the app store and make sure you have the latest version. 
  2. Restart the App: Many issues can be corrected by completely closing and re-launching the app.
  3. Contact us:  If the items above did not fix your issue, please contact us. When possible, please use the in-app "Report Issues" feature. Usually found under Menu > Help > Report Issues. You can also use the button, but please include program, device type (phone make and model) and issue.

+ Business Dashboard/Admin Site

  • Please contact your Account Manager for help.
  • If you have questions or feedback, please contact us.

+ SmartQuit - Smoking Cessation

  • Check for recent updates in the app store.
  • TIP: To Login after using Lite version. Menu > Account Info
  • TIP: Stuck at 95% completion? The two most common reasons are: 1. You have not yet opened "Anytime Coaching", bottom right of the home page 2. You need to have at least 1 Urge Passed on the counter. Click here for a step by step guide with screenshots.
  • SmartQuit is no longer available for individual purchase. Ask your employer, benefits provider, health plan, or state if they offer SmartQuit.

+ 2Morrow Health - Weight, Stress, Smoking

  • Check for recent updates in the app store.
  • There is a known issue where changing time zones causes tracking data to be temporarily lost. Watch for an update, coming soon. For a temporary fix: When you reenter your original time zone, tracking data should be recovered.

+ My Pocket Coach

+ Healthy Habits

  • The Healthy Habits app is being updated and is not currently available.
  • There is a known issue with reminders.
  • Habit Apps: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Download (PDF)
  • Healthy Habits Pro (HHP) is no longer being supported.

+ AAMDSIF Tracker

  • If you have questions or feedback, please contact us.

+ Discontinued Apps

The following apps are no longer offered in the app store or supported by 2Morrow.

  • Habit Maker, Habit Breaker
  • Habit Maker
  • Healthy Habits Premium
  • Healthy 100 Habits
  • NMSU Student Success Keeper
  • Resolutions 2012, 2013
  • Live Healthy
  • Do One Thing
  • Mystic Pug Tarot
  • Recovery Crusade

Note About Older Phones or Older Apps. 

Our current apps should work well on recent devices. Once a device gets older and is no longer supported by the operating system the performance of your app will suffer, in some cases no longer working correctly. Over the years, some apps have been discontinued as they were part of a limited campaign or were replaced by newer apps. If you have an app that is no longer offered in the app store, you are welcome to use if for as long as it works for you, but our ability to help you will be limited. See above for a list of discontinued apps.