2Morrow's New Year Giveaway

Behavioral Science + Mobile Apps = Convenient & Effective Programs.

Are you ready to take a fresh look at the unhelpful thoughts, feelings and urges that are holding you back from the life you want?  2Morrow has a special offer for you! Pick one area you want to improve, and we'll provide a free program.

2Morrow is offering up to 1,000 free programs ($100,000 value) to people who are ready improve their lives!  Choose from 1 of 3 programs - Weight, Chronic Pain and Smoking -  Our ACT based programs are designed to be both easy to use and effective. (limit 1 per person)

Who Qualifies? 

  • Must be over 18 and ready to make some changes
  • You will need an iPhone or Android smartphone (delivered via an app)
  • Commit to using the app on at least 7 days.  Programs are limited, so please sign up only if you plan to personally use the program. Thanks!
  • Agree to provide feedback by completing a short survey after use

Cost?  None.  This is a limited time free offer from 2Morrow. 

Note: These programs are usually available only via select wellness programs and health plans, so this is a rare opportunity for the general public to gain access. 



Weight: What is your Sticky Situation? 

Feeling Stuck? Most weight programs focus on having people "eat right and exercise." Sounds simple, but most of us struggle with actually doing it. 2Morrow offers a different approach that will help you identify your sticky situations and learn new ways to deal with them. You'll learn proven techniques to manage the unhelpful thoughts, urges and cravings that keep you stuck in inaction. 


Chronic pain: Living with the Pain Monster

Traditional treatment often ignores the mental strain of keeping our lives on track as we deal with chronic pain. New research shows that instead of working independently, our bodies, brains, thoughts and emotions work together to affect pain. This mind-body connection can help us live better with pain or it can make it worse. In this program you will focus on defining what really matters to you, and learn new skills shown to reduce the stress of living with persistent pain. The goal is to preserve and/or restore meaningful activity as you move toward a more fulfilling life.


Smoking - you don't have to quit today...

2Morrow’s Smoking Cessation program (formally SmartQuit) has been shown to be effective in helping smokers quit in 2 clinical trials. The program is delivered completely over a smartphone so it is private and easy to use. Over a week or two, you'll learn new ways to manage the urge to smoke and practice letting those urges pass on their own. Once your quit date arrives, you'll have the skills needed to deal with those unhelpful thoughts, urges and cravings.  This is your journey, but 2Morrow can help.

For Your Organization or Company: Interested in adding 2Morrow to your wellness offerings?  Contact 2Morrow.

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