Tips to 'Spring' into Action

By Lynn A.

Ah, spring! For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, the world is awakening and coming to life. Like the bursting buds, maybe we also feel ready to step out into the world in a new way, to make a splash, to transform, to start something.

And then the rains roll in, and it’s easier to sit back and think, “well, maybe not.”

Our drive to do things can be as fickle as spring weather. It’s easy to take action when you’re inspired—and not so easy when everything seems like more of the same, or you’re tired, or even feeling hopeless about change.

Although it’s motivating to find meaning in what you do—and we recommend it, whenever possible—sometimes you have to act even when that part is missing. It can be difficult, but studies have shown that taking action can help you build valuable momentum that makes change possible.

Because we know it is hard to get started, we’ve included some tips to get through those thoughts and feelings of procrastination and ennui.

  • Instead of listening to your mind as the sole authority about you, think of it as an occasionally misinformed companion. It’s been wrong before! This is helpful when your thoughts try to talk you out of something you want to undertake.
  • Remember that thoughts such as “why should I?” or “it won’t make a difference” are just thoughts—and not very helpful ones at that. You don’t need to buy in to these types of thoughts.
  • Did your thoughts get to you? Notice when. You can choose what you want to do no matter what your mind tells you about it. Say to yourself, “I am choosing to do this” or “I am choosing not to do this” when you skip something.
  • Celebrate even small actions. Every little bit counts; the blossom has to start as a bud first.

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