How to Earn Your SmartQuit "Certificate of Completion"

Certificate of Completion

The SmartQuit program is designed to introduce you to a different way of thinking, one that can help you be more successful when quitting.  The core 8 day program is meant to be completed before your quit day, but you will have access to the program for a full 6 months.

You will earn a “Certificate of Completion” when you complete the core requirements of the program.  In a recent clinical trial, participants that completed the certificate were about 10 times more likely to quit than those who did not.  The key is practicing these skills until they are habit!

  1. Create a Quit Plan
  2. Complete the 8 Daily Exercises (unlock one each day)
  3. Track that you let Urges to smoke pass.
  4. Visit Anytime Coaching Section

Once earned, you can find your certificate under Menu > Badges. If desired, you can email your Certificate of Completion to your employer or health plan as proof of completion. 

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