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2Morrow Health Smoking

A new approach to helping smokers quit.

2Morrow' Health Smoking is an evidence-based* smoking cessation program where smokers who completed all the steps in this program were up to 10 times more likely to quit!  And it can be used with or without Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT). The program is delivered via a Smartphone app, so it is private, easy to use, and always within reach.


How to get 2Morrow Health Smoking: 

Ask your employer, state, or health plan if they offer the program. Many groups sponsor the full program as part of their benefits package or tobacco cessation program.  To obtain the app, click the appropriate link below for iPhone or Android OS.  These applications will only work if you have a sponsor.

How does it work? 

2Morrow Health delivers an 8-14 day program that is completed before your quit day and you also get up to 6 months of additional support, messages and tools to support success. The program uses an Acceptance and Commitment (ACT) approach to quitting that is different from other programs.

Before you quit: It starts with a plan! Using the app, you will create a personal quit plan. Each day you will unlock a new exercise that teaches you a new way to think about your urges or cravings. At first, you are asked to become aware of your urges to smoke. Later, you'll learn and practice new ways to think about those urges so that you notice the urge to smoke without acting on it. Practice these skills before you quit for best results. The app will continue to support your efforts with customized messages, tips and tools through your quit day and beyond. 

Listen to Dr. Bricker's talk about the ACT approach behind 2Morrow's Smoking Cessation app.


"I want to quit because I have young children who have asthma and allergies. I needed a program that was quick and easy to use. SmartQuit is that and more - even my daughter likes the exercises. I am making friends with the urge monster."

Want to know more about the approach, research and science? Visit the Insights page.